Visiting Professors Room

  • Guests who stay at the IMECC for a few days are accommodated in room 18, located on the ground floor, which is intended for visitors only.
  • Researchers who spend several months at the institute usually occupy professors' rooms, such as number 115 and 234.
  • For postdoctoral fellows, we have rooms 219, 220 and 326.
  • The definition of the visitor's room is the responsibility of the Departments Secretariat (room 10), which also provides a card that allows the opening of classrooms, as well as the use of the library and university restaurants.
  • Visitors invited by research groups can also be accommodated in the corresponding laboratories.


Coffee Room

  • It is where teachers, staff and their guests can enjoy D. Zefa's unique coffee, which is served between 9:30 and 11:00, and between 15:00 and 16:30. At other times, coffee machines are available to those interested, who must bring their own capsules (compatible with the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto brands).
  • The room is also used for meals and quick snacks, where there are refrigerators, microwaves and a stove.


Printing Test Questions

  • The Academic Logistic Support Section (ALA), located in room 20, on the ground floor, is responsible for taking copies of IMECC course exams.
  • Teachers who wish to print tests on their own can also use the printer located in room 16, on the ground floor.


Asking for Help

  • Visitors who need some information about the institute or Unicamp can contact the Departments Secretariat (room 10), or the IMECC Board (room 2). We will always be happy to help.



  • A simplified floor plan of the institute's ground floor can be obtained from the IMECC Structure page.
  • The complete set of plans for the main building of IMECC and its annexes is available on the Room Map page.
  • On the Room Reservation page, it is possible to request the use of a classroom or meeting room, or even the IMECC auditorium.


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