Dissertations and Theses: Applied Mathematics Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the Applied Mathematics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC starting on year 2000. You can filter the output by program, year, and level.

Student Title Program Date
Juan Carlos Manzur Villa A weighted composition semigroup related to the Riemann hypothesis Mathematics 03/25/2022
Darwin Gregorio Villar Salinas On linear block codes: classification and estimation of bounds for weight hierarchy of codes Mathematics 03/31/2022
Lucas de Souza Almeida Immersions through spinors Mathematics 04/29/2022
Marisa dos Reis Cantarino Regularity of foliations and rigidity for Anosov endomorphisms Mathematics 05/02/2022
Robson Carlos de Moura Junior Weak-strong uniqueness for the compressible Navier-Stokes Mathematics 06/21/2022
Alejandro Estrada Serna Endereço para acessar este CV: Specht property and rational Hilbert series for superalgebras with superinvolution and algebras with Hopf algebra action Mathematics 06/29/2022
Lourival Rodrigues de Lima Decomposition of flows of diffeomorphisms: analytical and geometrical aspects Mathematics 08/10/2022
Pehuen Hernandez Alvarez On the Euler equations in Besov spaces Mathematics 08/12/2022
Ada Carolina Garcia Rojas Symmetric spaces on the adjoint orbit Mathematics 08/16/2022
Leandro Peruqui Guidio Polynomial identities and their numerical invariants Mathematics 08/30/2022
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